Enjoy peace of mind when horse riding while reassuring 

your loved ones by joining, in addition, our riders community.

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Before the ride

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  • Profile

  • Create your profile
  • Register horses that you ride
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  • Recognition of surroundings

  • Review dangers notified around you
  • See number of other active riders close to you

During the ride

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  • Tracking

  • Real time riding course
  • Real time location of other riders
  • Dangers’ notification
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  • Alerts

  • Fall detection
  • Panic button
  • Alerts sent to predefined contacts and to active riders close to you
  • Real time location of endangered rider

After the ride

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  • Ride history

  • Gait analytics
  • Tracking horse activities over time
  • Sharing rides with your own horse riders community

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I frequently go on hacks
I put my horse in a meadow

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